Sunday, March 28, 2010

Firstday Message

This morning I hope I was able to share the clear message I received and chose to share silently without verbal words.
Quakerism attracted me in the 60's with its support of political and social outward activism.
May 4, 1970 ended this period of my life(another post) and I began to read George Fox's and Woolman's journals.
Listening, waiting, being in the life and the Light to take away even the occasion of war, was what I needed to hear. In my own head, my own listening to the prophetic stream.
Outwardly I was in a fearful place and thankfully that fear led me into my own mind to find quiet, clearness and refuge there.
What I began to see then and know more fully each day is that I must live my life each moment, being peace and love, regardless of apparent outward cost. The Spirit is my constant companion and the closer I can stay to her the easier it is to be in her body, Light and Way and Life.
It matters little what horrors, hate and warring is going on in the world as I ,holding on to Christ's robe, am in it (the Woolman part) and yet not of it.
There are times when what we know to be the Truth calls us to travel and speak and we must be as faithful to this call as the call to listen and wait.
There is still more stripping /falling away of outward cumbers , to come , for me.
I'm ready and willing and lighter each day, as I pray and pray and pray.
Words fail to express the joy of even knowing that I can listen and know purely through Grace.
My Lenten prayer is to be the Light and Love , in visible human form , Jesus and others call us to be and to hold out my hand and robe to any seeking the path of Truth and Light.
Resurrection is ours for the asking. Thank You God.
Present Moment, Beautiful Moment.
Each moment given to us as a gift.
Pass it on.

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Friend Sloane said...

it truly is a gift, thank you for sharing yours.