Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peace and Providence Revisited-Wherein Robyn does not Sell Out

I had the opportunity last week, to say a few words and possibly insure financial security, beyond anything I had ever dreamed of.

A few words that might not be true.
We all lie. I have lied, because I thought I had to:
to protect myself
keep myself safe
to make someone like me
to get something I thought I needed.
Because, at the time I thought it was the right thing to do.

My rational, thinking mind, told me to do it.
"You are a good actress," it said.

I believe we are born knowing Truth; everything we need, to be:
Happy, Peaceful,Safe, Well and Free.
We are born powerful , all knowing individuals, one with the universe and God(dess).
Then we are taught to forget, by others, already forgetters of this Knowing, as they fear our power.

No one can ignore a newborn cry.
The first response is to comfort. The second to Silence.
Hush, hush, don't cry. don't call out your needs.
As we forget we become:
Sad, Angry,Anxious, Diseased, Enslaved.
So we start filling our minds, with  what others tell us is truth, thoughts and things that we are told will make us happy.

I  am in relationship with many who know everything.
They can never rest, as they  are the only ones who can do what needs to be done properly.
They can have no true friends as no one can think on their level, no one can be trusted.
Saddest of all, they can't enjoy the refuge of the Spirit-the letting go of all and letting in all the Love the Universe has to offer- just because you are you.

Notice in all of the above I haven't mentioned the Heart.

"Beloved," says the Heart, "be still and remember.
You are love and you are loved for who you are.
Do what you can.
Want what you have.
Be who you are."

I thank God(dess) for my faith that makes what I believe happen.
I give thanks for years of meditation practice with Honored Teachers that shows me the workings of the mind and the heart.

I give thanks for refuge in:
The knowledge of the Prophet Stream
The community of others seeking to develop the Heart.

I pray for all I do, to witness to the unconditional Love of the Universe for all.
I pray that all I do, that all I have, is for the benefit of all beings.
I have faith, that what I do, what I have, and who I am, is enough.

My heart says yes.
Yes to Love and Life and Light and more Love.

I am so glad, dear readers that you are in my heart.

Comments, questions and prayer requests always welcome.