Monday, November 28, 2011

Avent and Miracles

Living simply in the midst of over abundant consumption and hording is an active dance.
Longing is a close friend. I think she is ok. Jealousy is a near enemy. I would like to ask him to take a long walk over a short bridge.
This season of Avent is full of longing. It's easy to live with longing when we know the outcome is joyous, even if it involves Faith, Death, Resurrection - if you have the Faith part- and a birth that brings us on the way of Truth and Light.

Sometimes when I lie awake I count my longings.

I long for the Church that welcomes me just as I am, that I can walk to and that worships in open silence without denominational limitations.

The Miracle- last Sunday, at the continuing Church- that I can walk to- Montreat PC USA, the Pastor explained we were going to do something different- A period of silence- I sat in silence and tears of Joy.

I long for a partner; someone to live with me and share my joys and sorrows, chores and play, words and silence. My spiritual director says living alone is a gift. I would like to return it.
Today, I am feeling there is someone longing for me and tho we are apart, it is enough, knowing that we a long for each other.

The Miracle- a friend of my daughters has come to stay a few days a week while she is in massage school in Asheville. She comes in and says, Hi, I'm home, we have a meal together and she gives me a massage!

This season of Advent, and all longing seasons are opportunities to prepare, opportunities to practice expectant waiting,  opportunities to work on our listening and observation skills.

Be Ready.
Be Willing to let go of your longing.
Be Still and open to know when you hearts desire is right in front of you.
Remember to say Thank You early and often.
Hold those presents to open on Christmas morning and enjoy your longing.

Thanks for reading and your comments.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Faith and Acceptance

I lot of thing I know, with my mind, intellectually.
A lot of things I don't.
A watermelon seed turns into a watermelon. I know when to plant it in May, and how to water it, pick off bugs and give it lots of compost. I know seeds divide and all that and still, it is beyond my understanding how I get the intense pleasure of sweet juicy watermelon in August.
I can choose to live my life by this same Faith.
Faith is the opposite of fear in my life.
When I don't know what to do, I have faith that if I do , do what I know, the path to my highest good will be before me.
Faith is comfort sometimes refuge, sometimes safe sometimes risky. So it goes.
The more I let go of control the more I am free to enjoy my watermelon on a warm summer day.
Acceptance implies willingness to listen and be open.
To be willing to hold to my Faith in the midst of unbelief- that outwardly may seem more "factual" than what I inwardly know to be Truth.
This includes acceptance of myself.
Treating myself with loving kindness for past mistakes and perceived shortcomings.
The more I let go the the need to be right, judgmental, the more I am free to be me and enjoy others just as they are.
Breathing and meditation help alot.

Thanks for reading, your comments and for Faith and Acceptance.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Call me when you get it

I have nothing to fear from the events of my life.
I will continue to experience times of joy, sorrow, rest and great change.
If I let go of struggle to change outer conditions, to make things different than they are, I will not struggle.
TRUTH-Everything that rises up passes away.
              No outer condition is forever.
Letting go of judgement and blame will lead me in a path of peace, harmony and freedom.

I'll call you when I get it.