Monday, November 21, 2011

Faith and Acceptance

I lot of thing I know, with my mind, intellectually.
A lot of things I don't.
A watermelon seed turns into a watermelon. I know when to plant it in May, and how to water it, pick off bugs and give it lots of compost. I know seeds divide and all that and still, it is beyond my understanding how I get the intense pleasure of sweet juicy watermelon in August.
I can choose to live my life by this same Faith.
Faith is the opposite of fear in my life.
When I don't know what to do, I have faith that if I do , do what I know, the path to my highest good will be before me.
Faith is comfort sometimes refuge, sometimes safe sometimes risky. So it goes.
The more I let go of control the more I am free to enjoy my watermelon on a warm summer day.
Acceptance implies willingness to listen and be open.
To be willing to hold to my Faith in the midst of unbelief- that outwardly may seem more "factual" than what I inwardly know to be Truth.
This includes acceptance of myself.
Treating myself with loving kindness for past mistakes and perceived shortcomings.
The more I let go the the need to be right, judgmental, the more I am free to be me and enjoy others just as they are.
Breathing and meditation help alot.

Thanks for reading, your comments and for Faith and Acceptance.

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