Sunday, December 31, 2017

Brave Girl Cards-Bravery for 2018

A practice-
At the end of the day I create
Brave Girl Cards
from what is left on my desk. 
Almost everyday I give one to someone I don't know. 
That takes bravery on my part.
To offer something of myself, 
and I pray it reminds them to be brave when they need it most.
I fall in love with each card. That is part of the process and practice. 
To love and let go.

Let me know if you need one.

Blessings and bravery to you in 2018

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Throughout my life amazing mentors have appeared when needed to guide my development and ground my spiritual being.
Their wisdom and knowledge came from their own experiences and they willing shared that  experience with me.

Now it is my call and my privilege to do the same. I can be available, freely to others and accept the role of mentor.

Caring and nurturing others is a sacred responsibility. I must practice and witness to kindness, compassion, patience.

Sharing what I know, from direct experience enables and encourages others to stretch their wings, take risks, and walk in faith.

 Individual growth and change is easier in companionship, in community.
I am thankful for humility and being teachable. I am thankful for valuing relationship over being right. I am thankful to have two hands and a heart to reach out to other hands and hearts.

I am filled with gratitude and joy for the opportunity to be of service.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The extinction of experience.

Why do we have to speak out about inappropriate behavior; sexual, violent, bullying abusive behavior?
If we don't, I fear our collective memory is at risk.
We cannot remember what we have never known.
Just as forest organisms have specific needs to grow, that are lost when we manage and clear cut our forests, human organisms have specific needs, and when they are not met, we may vanish as well.

We are facing, the extinction of experience(Robert Michael Pyle).
If you have never known Peace, Equanimity, Safety, Wellness, Happiness, will you miss them?
Will they become extinct?

I learn from the collective unconscious that holds these Truths.
You can too.

Please take time to pray, meditate, be silent and still.
Please make visible, Peace, Equanimity, Safety, Wellness and happiness in your daily life.
Practice them and share them with others.
Please reach out and create relationship and community.
Please release what isolates you and nourish what connects you.
Please talk a walk in the forest and thank the trees. Protect the trees.

Please join me in practice.

Thank you.

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Value of Zero

My mothers taught me, begin every list with zero.

We were a tribe of list makers, doers, busy handed;
and yet the teaching was always begin by waiting.

Waiting for : stillness, direction, clearness, opportunity,  someone else to do it!, the music, mystery, magic.

The buddha teaches:
Suffering = Pain x Resistance..... zero resistance, zero suffering.
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is not.

There is a lot of talk of resistance right now.
Lots of lists.
I am a list maker: bullets, numbered, flow charts, pictograms, and each begins with
Do nothing.

There will always  be time to do something. Treasure the time and privilege to do nothing.

Comments Questions and Prayer requests always welcomed.