Thursday, February 24, 2011

Silence in the Presence

After the mind is in some measure turned to the Lord, his quickenings felt, his seed beginning to arise and spring up in the heart, then the flesh is to be silent before him, and the soul to wait upon him (and for his further appearings) in that measure of life which is already revealed. Now, this is a great thing to know flesh silenced, to find the reasoning thoughts and discourses of the fleshly mind stilled, and the wisdom, light, and goodness of God's Spirit waited for. For man is to come from the poverty of self, into the abasedness, into the nothingness, into the silence of his spirit before the Lord, into the putting off of all his knowledge—wisdom—understanding, abilities, all that he hath done or can do, out of this measure of life into which he is to travel, that he may be clothed and filled with the nature, Spirit, and power of the Lord.

Isaac Penington

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Sancturary

Art Sanctuary

by Nikki Giovanni

I would always choose to be the person running
rather than the mob chasing
I would prefer to be the person laughed at
rather than the teenagers laughing
I always admired the men and women who sat down
for their rights
And held in disdain the men and women who spat
on them
Everyone deserves Sanctuary a place to go where you are
Art offers Sanctuary to everyone willing
to open their hearts as well as their eyes

"Art Sanctuary" by Nikki Giovanni, from Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea.