Wednesday, December 23, 2009

room at the Inn

I was gifted by a 5 day retreat by Mother Nature.
I've been meditating on what this holiday is all about.
For me it is making room in our hearts. Mary and Joseph asked for room at the inn, so the story goes, and Jesus is still asking us the same-to make room for Him and all beings in the inn of our hearts.
Each time I pray for loving kindness for someone, even if i don't feel it,I find there is room in my heart.
And when I don't have the strength to love, the compassionate heart of God and Christ and the Holy Spirit takes up the slack till I'm ready.
I never even dreamed how large my heart could grow.
On the day of the longest night and return to Light, may all beings know Love,compassion and peace and may I be living witness to this Love and freely share all of the Gift that has been given to me, with all beings.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

waiting for snow

Maybe awakening tomorrow
will be silent and white
The sound of crystals floating
and settling.
The value scale, blowing
in the wind.
God's permission to be still.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

thinking and knowing

it's the birthday Kenneth Patchen, one of my favorite poets He said, "Think enough and you won't know anything." He went on to write and illustrate over 40 books of poetry.
There is a knowledge that comes directly to your heart and soul, when we are not thinking;a universal, eternal knowledge that is behind and beyond words.
I'm grateful to have the inner stillness and silence to hear and receive this knowledge and to be able to share it.
share with me-leave a comment.