Sunday, June 24, 2012

Right{(ous)ness}, Honesty, Truth

If I have to be right and we hang out for any period of time, that will make you have to be wrong.

Listening as openly as I can, to friends I love, defend their right-ous-ness, with learned text and spiriual writings, that prove others are bad, wrong, evil, worthy of hate ; I can't be certain that they are wrong in fact and my heart, head and soul tell me that there is error in their certainty.

Just as worrying has never helped a concern in my life, rightness has never brought me any thing of value or comfort.

Honesty and standing for what I know to be Truth has.

What I know to be Truth leaves space and freedom for what you know to be Truth, even if our words don't match.

I listen in the silence to find the words that can share what Faith and Spirit share with me.


We all know the story of David and Goliath. Even people who don't go to church, read the Bible or say they believe in God, know the story.
The little guy defeats the big guy.

I don't think this story is about rocks and swords.
I think it is about how when David brought his faith into the story, this faith was stronger and bigger than what the Philistines thought was right.

I practice what I believe, what I put my faith in :

So that when I need faith,in things unknowable and unseen,. I can use it, can call on it, to do what reason and logic say is wrong.

I practice faithfulness when it is easy so I am not alone when it is hard.

Oh, star dwelling ones,
Please be with us.
Give us your vision to see the Lighted path of peace and freedom.
I put my faith in kindness, love and compassion.
I believe in miracles.
Please help me to be one.
Please help me to witness and testify to goodness and Light
Even when it is hard and everyone else is right and I am wrong.
Even when everyone else is bigger and stronger than me.
Even when there is evil all around us-
Please help me to believe Love is the way.
Thanks you very much.

Comments  and  prayer requests always welcome.