Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where can I go?

I attended Friends meetings on and off most of my life. I never saw myself as a joiner. As I married and raised a family I wanted a sense of belonging for myself and my family and asked for Clearness at my local Meeting. I was clear that for me , membership must be an enlargement of who I am rather than a negation. Joining the Meeting would enfold my identity as a woman, catholic, Buddhist, jew, tree lover , magic maker, rather than name me as a Quaker.
I'm feeling the call for retreat and refuge. Where can I go? I've spent time at many retreat centers that welcome me as only one part of myself. Where can I go and be me, fully being, and supported by others and place in refuge, rest, renewal and prayer.

A dear friend may be near to death. We rarely spoke of religion or spirituality. I would call her a religious refuge. In this time of great need of comfort, where does she go? Where does her family go?

A good friend is seeking a place of refuge and retreat. She seeks a place that will nurture and guide her unique spirit, a place to listen to the One that can speak to her condition. Where can she go?

For me, right now, the answer is to put one foot in front of the other, walking meditation, and to be faithful to this journey I am on. I pray constantly for physical reality of the leading to Still Waters Refuge.
My personal desire is to find an existing place willing and open to enfolding me so that our beings will enhance each other. Members one of another, in God's holy room.
Please leave a comment if you know this place.
Please pray with me for Still Waters Refuge to come into being.
Blessings on this prayer and this place.

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heartgarden said...

Thank you for raising these questions? Yes, where?
I am struck that at this point, I depend on my friends and the Universe to supply my teachers and teachable moments.
Respite and disentangling from daily entanglements call. It is time for some of us to gently quiet and sip from that well that belongs to all living beings. Clarity of vision is offered. A different kind of lesson awaits.