Saturday, February 20, 2010

day of silent refuge

I shared a day of silent refuge today with women in Montreat. We created simple journals, set our intentions for the day and enjoyed sitting and walking prayer and meditation.
It was shear joy to take refuge in God, the Word and this faith community.
The beauty of the day and our mountains was a big plus.
Special thank you to Clair, for the invitation, the welcome and the delicious lunch.
May the merit and all the good work of this day be of benefit to all beings.

There is a feast, with finest grain
Where poor and lowly at table reign
Where love is shared, the meal begun
The call is given, yet few children come

The invitation is now made known
All through the land to all God's own
Come share this banquet and be made free
And dance together, one family.
(Colleen Fulmer)


heartgarden said...

This sounds wonderful. May this peace that begins in the heart be carried out into the world.

Leigh said...

Hi Robyn. I didn't know you had blogs! I've enjoyed visiting all of yours.

Leigh from WNCF/HG