Thursday, August 27, 2009

The gift of silence

---some of this content is paraphrased from a hand out given to me by Sally Palmer at Pendle Hill. Please post of you know the author---

Keeping silence is a privilege and opportunity to be nurtured and cherished.

It stands apart from the experience of being silenced by family, society, institutions, oppressive regimes---souls who long to be heard into speech.

Chosen silence is neither empty or impotent.
Chosen solitude is not lonely.

The paradox of silence gathers and focuses us, and provides space for our hearts and minds to be free.

Waiting is part of silence. Being hushed before the Holy One, the Great Mother, is pure prayer.

Communal silence unites us in action and stillness.

Receiving is part of silence. The quiet mind and spirit is the vessel waiting to contain God's will, the Goddess way.

Is there enough silence for the word to be heard?

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spiritedplay said...

beautiful...I look forward to connecting with you through cyber-space...I'll take what I can get!!
Love to you! Carol