Monday, August 31, 2009

covenant relationship

Dear friend, beautiful strong woman,sister in paint and Christ, Jen Elam, called me last night to wish me a happy birthday. Wonderful conversation and sharing followed, as if we saw each other each day tho time and space has separated us these past years.Thank you God for true friendship and community that is not a person or place.
We spoke of the challenges of living alone and longing for true relationship- what I am calling covenant relationship;the desire to be in right triune relationship with all beings, God(Spirit, Goddess,etc.)myself and other in Universal Love and Compassion as we are called to be by all Beings of Light(Jesus, Buddha, Allah,etc.)
This vow and only this to Love ourselves and each other and God as we are Loved and to share this love with all beings, at all times, everywhere.

We spoke of how communities we've been "members" of that used the words, "family" and "community" felt more like one night stands than marriage. A sense of deep intimacy was created and then after the allotted time was up---nothing---.

Dear Friend Mickey Edgerton says God's will for us is our deepest heart's desire.
I believe God's will for me to be a living example of Love, at all times, in everyday life and to create community that supports living in Love.

And when I mess up, my dear friends will clean up the mess and help me, with Love.

Living alone gives the gift of opportunity to love many rather than just one. I understand this gift and am grateful for it.

My selfish birthday wish is for partners in this journey to covenant community.
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The prayer is for loving kindness for all beings, seen and unseen, known and unknown, born and unborn, those living near and far away.

May all beings be happy
May all beings be peaceful
May all beings be well, in body , mind and spirit
May all beings be safe and free from harm
May all beings everywhere, be free.


forrest said...

Technically, you know, a "covenant" is a "deal," a contract--And near-eastern tribes made these deals with their local gods often enough... Where the Israelites differed from their neighbors was that some of them noticed that it was not just some local god-of-their-own they'd encountered. Due to that, the word "covenant" has taken on some extra resonance to many people--but where this has gotten misleading, I think, is in the notion that a relationship is somehow more sacred because of the intention that went into it in some past ceremonial context... while the real issue is one of long-term love, hoping to hold up one's own end even if it's gotten inconvenient, and the Spontaneous Natural Affection gets somewhat strained.

So I'm a little bewildered here, just exactly why you think the word "covenant" describes what you're striving for. (Maybe I should take care of some business here, let it perculate a bit, resume when it all settles...)

linedstone2 said...

I have been thinking about this post as well from when I first read it. Relationships are hard work, life is hard, messy work. Covenant is a legal promise...we use laws and agreements to help make some order out of the mass of crazy reality that is inevitably part of life...but the laws and agreements don't stop the hard stuff, they may give us a sense of more control and safety (real or illusionary).

Then there is the thought that what you 'bring to mind' can be made if you make an agreement with your mind/heart to create some agreement, maybe it helps it come into being...but there is a red flag when you are creating expectations, especially of expectations of how other people will fullfill you, that, according to some religious practice is a step towards possible suffering...

We do need each other and we are connected and that connection is life sustaining and also heartbreaking...if you read the Hebrew Scriptures there example after example of this, and in the New Testament as well...In those texts relationships and covenants are messy and painful, and also life affirming ...for all involved....