Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Community and Growth/Power and Outcome

I admin a FB community group, Black Mountain Exchange.
We are practicing digital community in a counter cultural way.
All members agree to kindness and respect in all words typed in the group.
No random links to outside sources to prove your point. No GIFs. No sarcasm. No bullying. No name calling. No demonizing others because you are right and  they are wrong.
I am learning that some assumptions I have held most of my life are inaccurate.
I am learning there are people who have never experienced kindness- giving and/or recieving.
There are people who honestly believe you get power by taking power away from others.
There are people who given choices will chose to harm themselves and others.

So this is a practice and I cannot do it alone. I need you- you who hate me, who fear me, who wish to do me harm, to practice with me.

In our group, I am inviting us to listen and learn from each other, not type at each other.

It is a practice.

I recently wrote the following:

Thinking about events of the past view days...
I think our power comes in being together, not in changing the outcome.
The Board may appoint another member that won't represent me.
A company willing to lie and disregard local ordinances may continue to work in my Town and endanger my safety.
There may continue, in fact there will continue to be men in this Town, who in my weak moments I fear, and in my strong moments I fear and am not afraid.
And, when folks are engaging with me on these issues, agree or not; When folks are calling me and messaging me and thinking about things I am thinking about ;
And when folks show up at Meetings,just showing up so i have someone to shake my head with.
This gives me a feeling of power. A feeling of shift. A feeling of integrity, that Truth and justice will out.
If everyone who comments here came to Meetings- not just when they had a gripe, came to Meetings to witness what is happening and to stand together as a community; If our meetings were Town meetings, not just Board Meetings- the possibilities could be endless.
We can listen and learn from each other. I see it everyday.
I have a vision of a world where we don't need guards and walls.
I have a vision of a world where all children run free and strong and well fed and healthy.
I don't live in this world alone.
It takes a village and a vision. I need you. You need me.
We're all a part of one body of humanity.
I invite  you to think about spending less time attempting to create the outcome and more time creating community.
Thank you all for being a part of Black Mountain, and this group.

I extend that thanks to all of my digital community, joining me here in Still Waters, where the merit of our time her is for the highest good of all beings.
That all beings may be happy.
That all beings may be peaceful
That all beings may be well, in body mind and Spirit.
That all beings may be safe.
That all beings may be free.

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