Sunday, June 3, 2018


Forgiveness opens my heart.
Forgiveness is a powerful expression of love.
When I hold no resentment in my heart, no enmity, I can have no enemies.

Forgiveness does not condone or forget harmful behaviors.
Forgiveness can free me from negative feelings and from living my life in a state of blame.

I am the one set free by forgiveness.
Forgiveness frees me from the need to justify my rationale for holding another  liable for my pain.

I practice forgiveness  meditation daily.

There are many ways that I have hurt and harmed others,
have betrayed or abandoned them, 
caused them suffering, knowingly or unknowingly, 
out of my own pain, fear, anger and confusion.

I ask any who I have harmed to come to me, in the present moment and ask to be forgiven.

I can remember and visualize the ways I have hurt others.

See and feel the pain I have caused out of my own fear and confusion.
Feel my own sorrow and regret. 
ask for forgiveness.
And then to each person in my mind: I ask for your forgiveness, Please forgive me.

There are many ways that I have hurt and harmed myself.
 I have betrayed or abandoned myself many times through thought, word, or deed, knowingly or unknowingly.
I feel the sorrow I carry from this and to the best of my ability, in the present moment I let that go.
For the ways I have hurt myself through action or inaction, out of fear, pain and confusion, I ask to be forgiven. 
I forgive myself.

 There are many ways that I have been harmed by others
abused or abandoned, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed. 
I can  picture and remember these hurts, feel the sorrow I have carried from this past. 
I can call, all who have harmed me, real or imagined, known or unknown to me now, and extend forgiveness to the best of my ability, to the extent that I am able, in the present moment. 

I have carried this pain in my heart too long. 

To the extent that I am ready, I offer forgiveness. 
To those who have caused me harm, I offer my forgiveness, I forgive you.

It's a practice.

Please join me.

Comments, questions and prayer requests welcome.

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