Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Praying for Others/Prayer Requests

The best way for me to deal with my own prayer needs, especially when I find it hard to accept outward reality is to pray for others.
This week I received more than 10 prayer requests from friends and acquaintances.
I set aside an hour a day to practice praying for others.
The act of prayer blesses and is a gift for all beings.
Focusing on praying for others, I put my own concerns to the side and send loving kindness and compassion to friends,  situations and issues, known and unknown.
Centering on the Oness of all, and letting go of attachment to outcomes, I feel free and filled with Light.
I pray for the Highest Good for All.
Breath in pain and suffering.
Breath out Love and compassion.

Make my day. Leave a comment with your prayer requests.I need the practice.

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heartgarden said...

As one of those folks requesting prayer help, I can attest to the power of something larger than ourselves. Thank you for taking the time!