Friday, December 23, 2011

The First Gift

Mothers should get the gifts on birthdays.
God, a noted theologian didn't just beam Jesus on to Earth.
Mary had to give up her body- Here am give birth.
Mary fed, changed diapers, clothed and taught Jesus and her other children the laws and to love and be loved.
And then after all her giving to the child she has to give him up to the world and here him deny her.Who is my Mother? And watch him be denied, do miracles, make mistakes and suffer.
Meek and mild?
I'm enjoying my 12 days of Christmas gift exchange with Byhand artists . You can follow that over at Rainbow Weaves.
I made 12 gifts and sent them off and for 12 days I get to open a different gift- each one precious and special and hand made for me. I don't want it to end.
Starting today I am going to open each day as a gift, precious and made just for me.
And each day I will be a gift and give of myself to  others. Just because.
Because of the first gift. The gift of Life.
Quakers claim to believe all days are equally holy.
Lets do it.
Thanks for reading, comments and giving.

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