Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kindness and Equanimity

Yesterday, as people do, a friend asked, "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"Be kind to people" popped into my mind, and I didn't say it as I thought it might sound flip.
The more I practice mindfulness, and living in the silent prophetic stream, the clearer it is that all I want to do is be kind.
Some days, that might mean I should not lift my butt off of the cushion, not to mention my mouth.
Some days, i can be totally out there and smile and nod and listen and speak only the kindest of words.
My prayer is only to speak words of kindness.
Words that help and heal.
Words that are timely that people, all beings are ready to hear.
Words that are Truth.
Yes, I have rage and anger and meanness that I need to express, and that can be sent into the Universe that is ready and willing to take in all of that pain and transform it into Love and Kindness.
And on the best of days I can do the same.
Inhale pain
Exhale Love and Kindness.
Love, hate, fear, joy, anger, ecstasy, boredom, are all emotions, nothing more nothing less.
Living in states of emotions is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, highs and lows.
Living in the mansion of equanimity is peaceful, free, safe and healthy.
Practice. The present moment.
I'll call you when I get there.
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*The Three Goals*
 The first goal is to see the thing itself
in and for itself, to see it simply and clearly
for what it is.
        No symbolism, please.
The second goal is to see each individual thing
as unified, as one, with all the other
ten thousand things.
        In this regard, a little wine helps a lot.
The third goal is to grasp the first and the second goals,
to see the universal and the particular,
        Regarding this one, call me when you get it.
 David Budbill

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tina said...

as usual we're on the same wavelength. Right now I'm actively practicing being mindful, being totally in the moment. In this instance being so THERE that I don't make snarky comments. This week when at the Studio I'll say, "oh I'd tell you what I think but that would put me over my quota for the day". Of course what it does is stop the snark but the snark is still THOUGHT. Which of course is still said, just without the breath to propel it. My next phase will be to stop the thought. Lordymercy that will be harder! :) But I'm moving in the right direction. I yearn to dwell in the mansion of equanimity!!! Yes ma'am!