Monday, March 7, 2011

Living the monastic life in the material world

Have you read any of the Joshua books by Joseph F. Girzone? In each book, Jesus/Joshua comes into a modern day situation and , well, he does what Jesus would do. He magically appears, loves unconditionally,lives and speaks simply, works selflessly, cares for the poor.
Some of the characters in each book love and welcome Him, some scorn, and guess what- try to kill Him.
Nothing much has changed in 2011 years.
I have made the decision, for now, to live a life of prayer, to live as close to God and Spirit as I can, and live in a world where this doesn't make sense to most people.
Money and it's gospel of materialism is a cold hearted God.

Each morning I wake and say
Thank you
I will do no harm
I will meet every being with Love and Compassion
I am willing to serve and be served.
Thank you.
When I live, act, operate, speak, from this place of worship in everyday life, many ( even most)people think I am strange. Some hate and fell threatened by me -little me, which I find surprising( well not really if you read the above) and sad.

And I can be no other way.

Sometimes I am lonely, and never alone.

I can close my eyes and feel God's love in and around me- even just typing that brings a huge smile to each cell of my body.

And these mountains- Thank You God for these mountains. I couldn't ask for a better teacher or friend.

The Gift-most of the time I am alone up here, with these mountains and I am free to spend my time with God and the Spirit.Thank You.
Not only does God give me everything, for which I do nothing, except be who I am- living my life - that God gave me of Love and prayer-God trusts me unconditionally to be the caretaker of this amazing creation.
God invites me to co- create with her- little me-
God invites me, every day to come out and play.
You are invited too.
Leave a comment.
Share your stories of living the Life in the world.
I'm just a comment away from support and if you need prayer- you can leave that in a comment too.


beverly said...

I love your outlook on life. I wish I could gain such comfort from God and nature with the "not being alone" so much of the time. I like to be alone. I don't like to be sad or lonely. I don't like to be with people all of the time but I know that they are always there for me.
I need nature and my animal friends but I am sad too much of the time and often lonely.
I guess I still have a lot of figuring out to do and that's okay.

Robyn said...

I love you Beverly.
keep on loving.