Sunday, November 2, 2014

We are one. Can we believe it?

Some communites we are born into.
We know community as we bring our Creators covenant of life with us as we move into this world, taking our first breath.

Others we adopt along the way.
Whether our community is based on culture, geography, family or spirituality, when we share a common purpose, we can join in unity.

We can create covenant community.

With our home community as our base, we can recognize that the universe is our community.

Here, on Mother Earth, we are one.
We have the option to believe it.

When we choose to embrace our similarities and our differences , we can let go of scarcity and competition.
We can love and support each other.
Through the strength of our unity in community we can extend love and support world wide.
It is through giving that we receive.
It is through loving that we are loved.
It is through forgiving that we are forgiven.
There is enough.
There is enough.

Are you ready to believe it?

I invite you to join in community with me, wherever you are.

Prayer requests (also on Facebook), comments and questions welcomed.

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