Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Own Will

As an uninsured person living in a county with a governmental religion of wealth, I spend a lot of time seeking medical care that I can afford.

I am very grateful to have found compassionate Healthcare in Asheville at Three Streams Family Health Care and I strongly recommend anyone without a Primary Health Care provider in the area to give them a try.

I was in need of some specialized gynecological care and was referred to MAHEC where I was blessed to receive caring, compassionate, expert care that I could afford.
The information form I filled out was more detailed than any I ever experienced.

"Have you ever had sex against your own will", stopped me in my tracks.

The available answers were, check mark , yes, or no, neither of which felt sufficient .

I sat for a long time wondering what it means to do anything against your own will.

Where is the communal ,covenant  cross over of my will and the will of the universe? the will of another being? the will of God(dess)?

I recently found myself in a compromised physical situation and am again thinking a lot about what is my own will. I believe God's will for me is whatever my heart desires. I'll call you when I get clear on that.

I would love to hear folks response to this query, here in comments, or send me an email- you can find my email in my google profile.

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