Friday, March 30, 2012


After I don't get the paying job,  I'm often told, "we need your presence."
Thanks for the kind words, and I trust that in some way that will put food on the table.
The history is that it does.
Humbly and in Truth, it is not my presence you need.

Community, humanity, longs for the living presence of unconditional love in the flesh.
This is our one true birthright- no strings attached.
Just take that first breath and it's yours. No matter how many times you deny it, turn your back on it, curse it.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can separate you from God's Love.
I pray daily that I make that Love visible just by being myself.

Salvation- keep reading.
Thinking of God as a person places her out there somewhere and we waste our energy trying to find her, seek her.
Over and over Jesus and others remind us the kingdom of heaven is within us.
We are one body, one spirit.
We are the body of Christ.

Every time I choose positive thought, right action, kindness, I am saved from the effects of negativity.
Saved from the only sin I know- separating myself from God, the One.
There is no final salvation, Thanks be.
Salvation is a daily, second by second, process of choosing life, happiness, peace, kindness, wellness.
This takes practice and Faith.
You must be awake and aware.
You must be attentive to the will of the Spirit and attentive to all voices.

The miracles we read of Jesus are the result of the practice of staying close to God
living in a willingness to be eternally open and changing
Willing to be living witness to universal unconditional Love.

If this confuses you, disturbs you, delights you- leave a comment.
Together we can claim our birthright be the presence the world needs.

Prayer requests always welcomed.

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