Monday, July 11, 2011

The Red Sea

You are standing in front of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian Army at your back.
Two choices, neither look good.
You've run through choice -0- do nothing- it's drown or be slaughtered.
I've been there- a choice has to be made.

I've recently faced some worse case scenarios and amazingly, the outcomes and consequences were more positive than negative.

I was on my way to look at buying a new car and the old car totally died right in the middle of a busy intersection. I was able to coast into a parking space( a miracle in itself that there was a space), was transported (friends-thank you God) to the car dealer and they had  a car that fit me, they towed the old car and gave me trade in $$$ for it-so far so good.

I swam with sharks, I flowed as water over rocks. I did what needed to be done.

I'm feeling I have spent my entire life learning how to choose to do what I am called to do.

Being right(and righteous) has nothing to do with it.
Someone has to get that foot into the sea for the waters to part.

It's all in the book.
When we walk with Jesus in one hand and God(ess) in the other (feel free to insert your own way showers) on the middle path, take one step- hey it's pretty good_ then another- if you're not sure about the next step, hang out for a while and meditate on it. Hold out your basket and Manna falls from the sky and water flows from the earth.
It's all here, when we are fully here.
Walking humbly  in Faith rather than fear.

It's a whole lot easier hand in hand.
I'm here if you need a hand- I have two- and two shoulders to lean on, and two ears to listen.

Thanks for your comments.


Gracka said...

Robyn, I've just discovered this blog (the result of your comment on my "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" card in the Created By Hand challenge) and I can see that it (and you) is going to be one of the places I look to for support on this journey we call "life", and He calls "destiny". Thanks for your transparency and willingness to share your faith!

tina said...

Awesome. I had a similar experience with a car a couple years ago. It DOES feel like swimming with sharks for sure. Your openness to lovingly receive and the reminder that open hands and a loving soul are often the main ingredients are lovely. Love & Light---- t