Monday, January 31, 2011

Matthew 8:20, Luke 9:58, Robyn 1:30

The fox has the den and the bird has her nest and this child of God has no place to lay her head.

I worshiped yesterday with the Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Asheville.Thank you Nan for inviting me, transporting me, guiding me in the cultural mores, and to all in the congregation who welcomed me.

"Trusting that God's grace embraces and makes covenant with all believers, Grace Covenant intends to be an inclusive place of spiritual growth for all people, All person are welcomed into this fellowship and membership regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic or radical identity, economic or educational status, or political affiliation."

Yes, and the choir was excellent and the organist lively, and there was almost a minute of silent prayer.
The bulletin states -Ministers- All the Members-
The front lawn has a vegetable garden
there was much announcement of social action opportunities.
Everyone smiled at me, shook my hand, said they were glad I was here and hoped to see me again.
I believe them.
I sensed the comfort of community spoken creed and intercessory prayer.
I enjoyed my time there and felt God's presence, as i always do when gathered in worship.

I'm feeling the God/ Spirit who's Grace and Love and Compassion are the foundation of the Covenant of my heart speaks to all of us in the silence.
speaks to each of us the exact words we need to hear, in a language that passes beyond words and mental comprehension.

when you are listening, the Spirit speaks to all, born and unborn, known and unknown, seekers and flee-ers, those I love and desire and those that scare me to death.
Yes, we all need to be saved,and that safety cannot be contained in any book or belong to any one religion, culture, creed, species or language.

The sin we are suffering from is separation from God/Spirit.
Relationship requires hanging out with other beings- giving, taking, loving, forgiving, sometimes hurting, healing laughing, crying and sitting in worship with the universal One that unites us all.
The more I love, the more i practice compassion for all beings, the more I see there is no limit to how big my heart can grow, no limit to what the heart can hold.
I'm feeling the emptier and quieter the head, the fuller the heart.
I'm going to shut up now and go meditate on this awhile.
I hope you will join me.
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marciajonzart said...

Thanks to Robin...I am immersed in winter's freeze and find warmth in your comments. Lots of anger & frustration is floating around here...I will travel to your words for respite.

Robyn said...

hi Marcia
thanks for reading and commenting
hope on over to my art blog
and post something- I'd love to have you join our weekly challenge- good way to get out of the winter doldrums.themes can be very loosely interpreted.
love to you