Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thought, words and change

A few days before the end of a long silent retreat, my teacher suggested it was time for me to start thinking again in preparation for returning to the outside world.
I cautiously allowed my mind to wander into thought during my sitting meditation and I found myself thinking about hungry children. Within seconds I was writing( in my mind) a huge scenario, of how I would return home and raise billions of dollars to create a healthy eating curriculum in inner city schools,fill lunch rooms all over the world with local organic foods and on and on.
Within a minute I began to question these thoughts. "how many children could I feed? 100?, 1000?, a million?How was I going end hunger for all children?
I sat and sat, quieted the mind, sat and sat.
In the present moment, it became most real to me that the best and most useful I could be to all hungry children everywhere, was to keep sitting and pray.
Pray for loving kindness, compassion, safety, wellness, peace, happiness.
This I could do for all children, everywhere.
Words, spoken and unspoken have great power.
"Words are a form of action,capable of influencing change.'' Ingrid Bengis
I am who I am and do what I do because I believe that the Spirit working through and in me, is the physical manifestation of God's Love in the world.

Jesus told his disciples to feed the multitudes, and their perception was they didn't have enough.
"Look again", was Jesus' reply.

The Love that feeds, heals and is always enough.


Patricia Morrison said...

Reflections on "enough" are always welcome in this culture of scarcity. What a radical notion to think we have, are and can do enough, our enough, that which is in our Light as Friends say. If, as you reminded me recently, we take more time to listen for what those leadings are, what we are to do. Thank you for these thoughts Robyn.

heartgarden said...

Always these seeds, like dandelion fluff, fly around. Some will take root. We just don't know where, how, and when.

PeacefulPath said...

It's becoming more and more clear to me that the condition of my heart is central to how much good I can do for self or other. I know this. I have experienced this. And yet I resist. God, please help my resistance.