Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is not posting silence?

I want to sit down and write y'all a long series of posts of how I got to where I am today-making safe refuge for all beings seeking stillness and silence in a frantic and noisy world. I know the beginning is a good place to start and I just haven't. I think I have a few projects that need to be finished up to open the space for some serious writing.
I've been submitting proposals to existing institutions and looking at properties to buy and praying a lot and walking in the wilderness and waiting for way to open.
Stillness in motion...motion in stillness-tai chi, mindfulness meditation,listening, patience, curiosity.
Contemplative activism.
We can seek to understand the universe with the one that hangs the stars in the sky and makes the flowers grow, or we can try to do it ourselves.
I visited CooperRiis a healing farm for young adults living with mental illness and witnessed what will happen if we let an entire generation try to do it themselves.
Soul loss is a frightening and paralyzing illness.
Activity that masks our emptiness is a way and it is very tiring.
Refuge and stillness illuminate the pits of darkness and energize us into balance and wholeness.
I know this is so and pray to be able to bring this healing Light of refuge to all beings everywhere.
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Gloria said...

"Give me a candle of the Spirit, O God, as I go down into the deep of my being. Show me the hidden things. Take me down to the spring of my life, and tell me my nature and my name. Give me freedom to grow so that I my become my true self - the fulfillment of the seed which you planted in me at my making. Out of the deep I cry unto thee, O God. Amen." George Appleton

Dr. Mel said...

Robyn, this is a lovely post that gives me a lot of inspiration. I hope I will get to come visit sometime.