Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I can do

I care deeply for the world and all beings in it and though I feel a longing to help others, the need of this world is overwhelming, even if i knew what to do to help.
What I can do is pray.
I can hold Love, Peace, Wellness, Safety, Happiness, Freedom, in my heart for myself and all beings.
Prayer heals and readies me to meet everyone with compassion and loving kindness regardless of outward situation and need.
Prayer fills me with knowing we are all one.
Prayer allows me, as I sit quietly to let go with confidence that I am doing what I can do and that is enough.
Prayer frees me from fear and feelings of separation from God.
Prayer and silence clear my mind of uncertainly about what I can do and divinely guides and inspires me to do what I can do, be who i am and want what I have.
Keeping Peace and Love alive and present in my heart is what I can do to save this world.
Please join me.
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Anonymous said...

I needed your words. Thank you.

tina said...

What a great post, noble thoughts, ideas that are firmly grounded in peace and love. Many years ago (in another life) I prayed for compassion. What sprung out of that was indeed another life, bubbling deep now comes deep compassion that is often marked by seeming inability to DO SOMETHING. Your tender post reminds me that keeping peace and love alive and PRESENT within me does indeed save and heal on so many levels. Thanks Robyn for your timely post!

Elysbeth said...

A lovely reminder. Thank you.