Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Threshing, Technology and Time

In Quaker communities, a threshing meeting or threshing session can be  defined as “a meeting at which a variety of different, and sometimes controversial, opinions can be openly, and sometimes forcefully, expressed, often in order to smooth the passage of business at a later meeting for worship for business.
Originally the term was used to describe large and noisy meetings for convincement of `the world's people' in order to `thresh' them away from the world” ( Britain Yearly Meeting’s Quaker Faith &Practice, 12.26).
A threshing meeting can be called to share factual information, individual views and opinions on controversial subjects, express  preferences, and/or ask questions.
 The Clerk of the session is responsible for making sure that everyone present has a chance to speak.
The recording clerk of the session is responsible for recording, as important factual and climatological minutes will serve the Meeting in continuing discernment of the issue.

Often, threshing meetings  are called when discernment at Meeting for worship to conduct business has failed to come to unity.
Generally it is stated that no decision are to be made, the focus is to bring clarity and greater understanding of an issue, and to separate the "grain of truth from the chaff".

Returning to the agricultural reference of threshing, threshing is one step in a process.
First, there has to be sun, and rain, and wind, and fertile ground and seed planted and nurtured to grow the crop.
Secondly, there is knowing when the time is right to harvest the grain.
Third comes the time of threshing, beating the stalks to separate the part of the harvest that will nourish the body, from that which will be returned to the earth for the next cycle of growth. Winnowing, throwing the threshed grain into the wind can further refine and define the seed.
Fourth is continuing to process the grain-cooking, drying-depending on its intending use.

This is a process- a technology.

Bill Tabor used to talk about Quaker methods and processes  as technology. 

A stick is technology, depending on how you view it and use it.

Use and existence of technology exists, and its what it is in service to and how we use it in service that is the query.

If your Meeting is unable to come to Unity on the use of "technology" in the meeting, please take time to ask each other:

  • What is this technology in service to.
  • How can we use this technology to serve the mission and vision of our Meeting.
  • What are the fears and concerns behind those who state worship cannot happen in the presence of Technology? 
  • What is their definition/understanding of technology in that statement.

When we normalize turning to  worship for the answers of these queries and others that will arise, we will realize we have everything we need, including time to respond to them.

Its a practice, a process and a technology and with Divine assistance we can use all we are given to end suffering for all beings everywhere.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Holy weeks

Today, whatever day of whatever Holy week you are in, let us hold in the Light everyone experiencing oppressive forces gathering around them.
Rather than fighting or fleeing, let us support each other in staying focused on our ministries and what we are called to do.
We are all called right now to live in unsettled situations, over which we outwardly have little to no control.
Giving my attention to what is mine to do, is a place of refuge and safety for me and witness to others of the way of peace.
What is going on around me, what others say and do and think, I notice it, and let it be what it is.
Even my own fear can be spiritually surrendered to god(dess) and the holy spirit.
It is in letting go, release and surrender that our safety resides.
We are never alone in this letting go- call a friend, read or listen to inspiring words of others, call on the heart of the way showers who have come before us, and trust that our peaceful hearts make way for our descendants to come after us.

You are not alone. Reach out if you need support.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

We are the Future

We are the future.

We who are people of love, peace, kindness and compassion for all beings everywhere.

We who are people of color. 
We who are young. 
We who are women. 
We who are new immigrants and refugees . 
We who are LGBTQ people. 
We who are Muslim and Jewish and people of every faith, or no faith. 
We who are financially poor. 
We who are hard working people who need and deserve to be able to enjoy life and earn a living.
We who call for equity in law, economics, education, healthcare, housing, and freedom to stand and use your voice.

Regardless of what happens today — even if those who think otherwise regain control of the House or the Senate or both, even if they take over some governorships, even if those who advocate otherwise, create veto-proof majorities in one state or another — 

even their filibusters,  their gerrymanders,  their suppression of votes, their attempts to intimidate us — none of the obstacles and barriers they’re putting in our path will stop  rise.

We are the future.

Whatever the outcome of this one election, be brave and take heart, and believe in yourself and one another.

Vote everyday with all the privilege you possess.

Do good, avoid evil, pray and ask for help and help those who ask.

Wherever it is we need to go , we can already be there, if we hold fast to our hearts desires and

Love one another.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Reflections on Forgiveness

Sometimes we hurt each other, knowingly or unknowingly.
Sometimes others hurt us.
Sometimes we hurt ourselves.

Hurt is only one possibility in relationship and unless you turn your back on it, not the end.

Facilitating groups, I ask for the first agreement to be forgiveness in advance.
Even with our best intentions, our listening, our compassion, we will create occasions to hurt, to harm, each other  and ourselves.

Then we forgive.
Forgive the past, the present and the future.

Forgiving and remembering and being awake to what was, is and will be.

Forgiveness can be a letting go that you can create a happy past.

Forgiveness- the practice of it, even if you only believe it may happen in the future, lightens and opens the heart to all the possibilities beyond hurt, shame, blame and shoulds.

Forgiveness may not prevent the hurt and harmful behaviors from happening again, and it does prevent the hurt from harming your heart.

Modeling forgiveness helps others who are hurting to forgive. You can do this!
Please, call on the hearts of others when you cannot forgive. We are here to care for each other when we are helpless to help ourselves.

If we have a problem between us-let us listen to each other and open our hearts to tech other that we may be friends

If we cannot hear each other-let us ask friends who can help us to do so, that we may know we are among friends and are not alone in our concerns for one another.

If we as a community cannot hear each other-let us seek help ofd the elders to guide us into unity.

May no one, in any circumstance feel alone, or be cast out without a friend.

As I was taught forgiveness, it is not just a moral guideline, it is a way of life.
I weigh myself down wan I insist on holding on to anger, judgement and blame.

When I choose to forgive, I can walk lighter and more cheerfully and kindly in the world.

There are times, when inspire of my doing my best to listen, and forgive, I do have to cast a person out of my life, in the present moment. I can still pray that, that will change. I can still forgive.

When I hold no enmity in my heart, I can have no enemies.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings have felt safety and protection from harm.

May all beings be well in body mind and spirit.

May all being s be free.

Comments and prayer requests always welcomed.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Fear Not/ A moment of optimism .

A moment  of optimism:
The current moral panic, is based on a realistic fear, not imagined, that something is happening to encourage us, 
especially our children and young adults 
to have empathy for each other 
and to do what they can to end suffering.
I say to you in this moment, fear not.
You are not alone.
You are not alone.
You are not alone.
Keep repeating this until it is written on your heart and you believe it.

Be Brave.
Let your heart and spirit guide you when, how and what to speak.
Check in with Spirit and community if you feel unsure.
In moments of weakness, call on the heart of the way showers 
jesus, buddha, krishna, allah, the great mother...
You are not alone.
Have Faith.
Even in that which is unseen.
Look at the history.
You have overcome every oppression inward and outward so far.
We know that all the merit of our days is not for ourselves alone, 
and Spirit is eternal in goodness.
Take refuge.
In Spirit.
In the teachings and guidance of eternity.
In each other.
You are not alone.

Together we can and will transform everything into the lighted path.
Remember to be grateful to everyone and everything.
Do good.
Avoid Evil
Pray for help.
While we cannot expect applause, we can take comfort in each other in the present moment.
We are not alone.

In times of weakness, remember those who wish to oppress and dominate, have small, sick, sad, lonely lives, 
Mistakenly, believing controlling others gives them life force.
Look at our beautiful children and grandchildren and all of our mothers and grandmothers who gave and continue to give us
Peace and ease of being
Safety and protection from all harm
Wellness, in body mind and spirit.

And as all one community of life,
we will all continue to do what we can
in this beautiful, perfect present moment.
To end suffering for all beings.
And be free.

Prayer requests, Comments and questions always welcomed.

Saturday, June 25, 2022


 Spiritual protection grows from living with the awareness of inner light and Spirit.
I know this for myself, and I wish to be living witness of this for others.
I see myself and all beings, surrounded and held with unconditional compassionate love of spirit, and each other.

We can know this and hold this, regardless of outward appearances and  circumstances.
Spiritual Strength comes to us through grace, as a gift, and when we can't find it for ourselves,
the hearts of all the way showers and teachers, are available to us to borrow until we can.

I see divine spirit weaving us all together in a comforting and healing garment of Light.
I see all the merit of all the goodness of our lives reviving the world we pray for, for ourselves and our children.
That all beings may be happy.
That all beings may be peaceful and know ease of being.
That all beings may be safe, and protected from all harm.
That all beings may be well in body, mind and spirit.
And that all beings may come to know a perfect end of suffering and be free.

My heart is open, and I pray yours is too.
Please ask if you need me, and that will make it easier for me to do the same.

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Star Light Star Bright light

 I am a star, you are a star, we are all stars, shining our divine lights as only each of us can, together creating illuminated sky. 

Each of us has our own gifts  and abilities to express as only we can. Each of us has the opportunity to uniquely be living witness to the goodness, grace and unconditional love of God(dess) to all.

This is the truth for you, and me and every being on earth. All included.

Each of us is a light creating together our shared luminous life.

Light upon light creates more light than either can do alone, no light obscuring another, all adding to the amazing unlimited light available to all.

Please, pray with me as we all shine on.